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Intelligentia ICE

YAS guys! Here's the summer again, please stay with us this time #begginghands.

On days like these I scream for ice cream!

Yep, my favorite ice provider is based on Strijp S and you probably know it, it's Intelligentia ICE!

I love their unique flavors and the ice is so gooood! On summer days I crave a salty caramel cone almost every day. The owner learned to make ice cream in Italy, you can definitely taste that fact.

Another good thing about this taste bar is that they have a lot of sorbet flavors too. They are healthier and non-dairy.

So, when are we going? XD

Intelligentia ICE

Leidingstraat 43 - Eindhoven

www.intelligentia.nl - €

#strijp #icecream