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If you talk about kebabs in Eindhoven you'll probably hear the name Hizmet in the same sentence. Hizmet is kebab heaven and growing out to be a Hizmetanian Empire, with the adjacent buildings that are all going to be part of this bakery. Yay!

Fast food fierceness, all kinds of sandwiches, rolls and plates, all very sheep.. uhm cheap, meaning inexpensive :D. If I allow myself to eat fast food, Hizmet, (Kruisstraat), is one of my favorite places to go. Best chicken kebabs in town. Another great thing about this place is that they always serve you with a big smile and a polite tone. They'll kindly say: 'How can I help you young lady', always.

You'll probably have to wait in line here, but don't let that scare you away. They manage to help you quickly. The longest I had to wait was probably around 15 minutes or so.

Fresh, fast & tasty, what else can you ask for?

A large variety of people visit Hizmet. Very multicultural, which gives me the true city life feeling.

With the extension of this place a new concept will be introduced to us. Looking forward to it!


Kruisstraat 77 - Eindhoven - €


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