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Effenaar restaurant

Effenaar is known for being Eindhovens biggest cultural stage. Numerous headliners performed here. Take a look at their agenda for more information.

They also have a restaurant. If you feel like you want to eat something unlike any menu elsewhere this restaurant is a good choice!

The menu changes every week! The concept provides you with 'the menu of the week' (€20,-) or 'the menu of the month' (€27,50). Both with a few dishes to choose from: starter, main and dessert.

I find their plates very unique and the food is always tasty!

For example, one of their current dishes is 'Salad with farmers duck and scamorze'. What the hell is 'scamorze'?!

I don't know, but I want to taste it! ... (I looked it up btw, it is Italian white cheese :)

If you're ever there and they have risottos on the menu please don't hesitate, it is soooo good!


Dommelstraat 2 - Eindhoven

www.effenaar.nl - €€

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