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I like sushi. Wait, let me rephrase that, I love love love sushi! So let me introduce to you the best sushi in town: Kyoto.

You have to be from Eindhoven to know this place, I bet there is no city guide to lead you there. But if you like sushi as much as I do you have to go visit. Fresh rice, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fresh everything. Every sushi is delicious.

The interior isn't bad but isn't special either. I would advice you to make a reservation if you want to eat there during weekends. When you do, ask them for a table on the right side of the restaurant, because on the left people pick up ordered take away food. Also, expect higher prices than other all-you-can-eat restaurants.

Our standard order is the 'maki xl menu' one per person, and edamame beans.

For me this is the best sushi there is, so my advice is to order sushi only.



Sint Anthoniusstraat 18 - Eindhoven

www.kyoto-eethuis.nl - €€€

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