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Bagel & Juice

There are people, like my boyfriend, who say that bagels are a total rip-off. He doesn't like the hole in the sandwich :)

Me? I like them, and at Bagel & Juice they are very tasty! The menu is fun, fresh juices, different kinds of bagel buns, sweets, everything you would expect out of a bagel shop.

Bagel & Juice has two locations in Eindhoven. I like the shop on the 'Kleine Berg' best. This is a tiny shop with large windows, it has a New York coffee shop feel. The opening hours are also great, they open at 8 AM every day. Even on sundays!

That doesn’t mean the Bagel & Juice located at Strijp S is no good, though. The shop there also has a nice decor and a large terrace outside.

It's a good place for breakfast or lunch!

Bagel & Juice

Kleine Berg 19 - Eindhoven

Torenallee 60 - Eindhoven (Strijp S)

www.bagelandjuice.nl - €€

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