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Coffee lover?

Do you like coffee? Then this tip might suit you. Do you like coffee AND books? Then this definitely is the place for you!

Coffeelovers is located at 'Van Piere', one of the largest bookshops in Eindhoven. Every time I come here I want to bring at least five books back home. Watch out, this place might empty your wallet if you're not careful!

What's so great about Coffeelovers is that you can enjoy reading a book while having a good cup of coffee. The baristas know the drill. They'll serve you a nice looking, tasty drink.

The place is full of people reading or working. Lonely lunch? Go here. This is the perfect spot for a meal for one.

If you like your coffee sweet I suggest you'll order the 'Caramel croquant', it's like a cake in a coffee mug, very addictive!


Nieuwe Emmasingel 44 - Eindhoven

www.coffeelovers.nl - €€

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