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Yetunde & the vintage alternatives

Apparel, interior, a restaurant, a bar, a hairdresser and a boutique hotel. And it's all vintage?

Yes, it's a vintage attack! If thrift shopping is your thing, go to Yetunde, based in the largest second hand wonderland of Eindhoven.

Recently the shop moved from a location in the city center to the Edisonstraat and they really have a cool place there. When you go inside you'll be amazed by the size of this shop, it's literally unending! And it's all vintage, tons of it.

Most of the employees speak English. At the restaurant and bar they have beers, wine and Jacket potatoes.

Paying a visit is definitely worth it. Ever felt the need for a cold beverage while sitting on a swing?

Look no further!

The hotel is across the street in the red building.

Yetunde & the vintage alternatives

Edisonstraat 144 - Eindhoven

www.yetunde-tva.nl - €€

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