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Daily @ Sissy Boy

Today was a very rainy day. In August, such a shame... So why not stay inside and have a long and cute lunch?

Daily is a lunchroom located in the 'Blob', in a store called 'Sissy Boy'.

Eindhoven is not the first town with this store and a lunchroom located in it, but it is the only town with this lunchroom in such a cool building!

At Daily you can eat breakfast, lunch or small snack plates, all very tasteful and healthy. Nice decor. The furniture comes from Piet Hein Eek. But, as I said, the most wonderful part about it is the building and its construction. Especially when it rains :)



Nieuwe Emmasingel 2 - Eindhoven

www.sissy-boy.com - €€

#eindhoven #lunch #centrum