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What to do, where to go?


Eindhoven is divided in 7 districts, with a total of 109 neighborhoods. That's a lot! I can ensure you, not every neighborhood is worth telling you about. So I picked out some good spots that are, in my opinion, the best to visit! These are the spots that represent our city and give you a glampse of what Eindhoven is al about.





Eindhoven city blog
Het Centrum 


The centre of Eindhoven is free from traffic and great for retail shopping. All retail brands are here, shop after shop, in a few long streets. In the centre of the streets you will find the 'Markt', (marketplace). Here you can drop your bags and take a break at one of the Grand Cafés.


Eindhoven centre also has two malls:  the 'Heuvel Galerie' and the 'Piazza'. Great for bad weather. 

If you want to buy that one unique gem or something other than what everybody else is wearing, the centre is not the place to find it. In that case go to 'de Bergen' or 'Strijp S'. 


I never eat at the 'Markt'. But if you must or want to I suggest to go to the 'Wildeman'. The best place to go to for drinks is the 'Vooruitgang'. A beautiful café with delicious 'special' coffees. 

The best street for me in the centre of town is the 'Kerkstraat'. Here are fun places like 'de Burger' or 'Cooks'. The food is better here, nicer crowd and good atmosphere!



Eindhoven city blog
DE Bergen 


If you like posh go to 'de Bergen', which means 'the mountains'. No actual mountains here, but a great amount of posh stores and posh people. De Bergen contained undamaged in the second world war so there are still historical buildings and streets left, which are rare in Eindhoven. You can find good restaurants and bars here. I find it a way better alternative to have a drink on a summer day than the Markt. 


De Bergen has a few gems to visit. I would recommend 'Minibar', 'Mood', 'Berlin bar' and 'Bommel' in the evening. For those more in search of a 'brown cafe', (cafe with dark but cosy wooden interiors and the nicotine-stained walls and ceilings), go to 'Wilhelminaplein', often you'll find live music there.

Eindhoven city blog


I was born in Woensel! So no matter what they say about this area, it always warms my heart.

Woensel is a big area on the North site of town, it is divided in different neighborhoods, some a bit dodgy. Woensel West is often called a 'probleemwijk' which means it's inhabitants cause trouble, but I don't see it that way. Woensel is very cultural and colorfull. 


The Kruisstraat for example, has a big city feel which I love! In every larger city there are streets like this. All nationalities combine, Turkish stores, Indian food, Surinam toko's, African barbers. If you want to eat kebab go here, 'Hizmet' is like a halal fast food heaven. On saturdays you will find a big market with food, flowers and clothes, the ' Woenselse markt', go there and get a glampse of what Woensel is all about.


The Edisonstraat is a street whit a lot of history. In Eindhoven it is known for it's red light district. They are now trying to give the street a better reputation by opening a whole new shopping area here, called ' Woensel Westside stores'. The stores are cool! Visit them for sure. 

Eindhoven city blog
Strijp S


Strijp is the place to be at the moment. If you look up information about Eindhoven there is no doubt that you will be overthrown with information about Strijp S. This former Philips factory spot is now a hip and happening place where you can find restaurants, shops and entertainment. I like Strijp S, but not so much anymore as I did earlier. The somewhat underground feel is gone. 

For example, once a month the ' feel good market' takes place. A year ago this was a very good event to come to relax, drink beers and meet up with also chill people. Now it is overcrowded.

I suggest that if you want to go to Strijp S, which you must do because it's a beautiful part of Eindhoven, come on weekdays, when children are at school. 


Strijp R is another part of Strijp where you will find Piet Hein Eeks factory. Also a bit touristy, but definitely worth the visit. Walking around there feels like in a small furniture museum and the shop is so good. When you're good to go, take a drink and snack in the restaurant, a cool place to be too. 

Eindhoven city blog


Stratumseind is the largest barstreet there is in the Netherlands. Bar after bar, all in one street. So hard to pick one that is right for you, where you will enjoy yourself. Let me first point out, if you are over 28 you will probably not feel in place here. Most of the people visiting Stratumseind are in their early twinties or even younger than that. 

Me, over 30, I am elderly here. Please note that fridaynights are the best nights to go clubbing in Eindhoven, at least that is my local vision. 


There are some good spots to go visit, even if you are 'old' like me. There is 'de Bierprofessor' currently with 175 different types of beer. If you like Latin American dancing you can go to 'Santiago de Cuba', in weekends or on thursdaynights. At 'Laserquest' you can play a pool game in good atmosphere. Beers are very cheap here. The best place to eat on Stratumseind is definitely 'Calypso'!


If you are a 20-something party animal Stratumseind is heaven for you. For us fossils, go to the 'Kerkstraat' or the 'Kleine Berg' :)